Private Lactation Consults

Instructor led training.
Instructor led training.

For those new Mothers who desire private and personal advise for any and all breastfeeding issues. Let our caring, gentle and experienced consultants help you. Our team can assist you in making breastfeeding easier, more enjoyable and infinitely gratifying. Let us help you delight in this uniquely singular experience.

(Most insurances accepted)

Breastfeeding Support Group

Please join us weekly for the most intimate Breastfeeding Support Group in Boca Raton. This is an informal group facilitated by one of our certified lactation consultants where new Mothers can learn from each other in a comfortable, friendly and supportive environment. You will enrich your breastfeeding experience after hearing what other mothers with newborns are experiencing during this beautiful time. This group is open to the public.

Next Class: Breastfeeding Support Group – Postponed until further notice.

Prenatal Breastfeeding ClassPrenatal Breastfeeding

Taught by Certified Lactation Consultants, this is an interactive class for expectant parents. Participants will learn much more than just the benefits of breastfeeding. Topics covered which are essential to breastfeeding success include: breast anatomy and the benefits of breastfeeding for the entire family, getting off to a good start, different nursing positions, waking tips, identifying early hunger cues, the art of latching, prevention of soreness, milk expression and storage and much more. You will learn how to assess if your baby is getting enough, and what to expect during the first few weeks of your little one’s life. The information you gather and put to use will amplify your appreciation of this once in a lifetime experience of breastfeeding.

Next Class: Prenatal Breastfeeding – $59.00; TBD

Prenatal Baby Basics

Learning baby basics.
Learning baby basics.

We know the idea of becoming parents can be overwhelming to many people. Our goal is to make your transition from new parents to seasoned parents a smooth and enjoyable one. This class will focus on the challenges of the first newborn month. You will learn about the importance of newborn sleep as well as different methods to soothe your baby. The class will encompass such diverse topics as how to bathe, diaper, swaddle, and comfort a crying baby. What does your baby see and sense? When do you need to call your pediatrician? It’s your basic survival class for new parents.

Next Class: Baby Basics – $59.00; TBD

CPR Classes

Learning CPR.
Learning CPR.

We are proud to offer Basic CPR. Our instructor is certified by the American Heart Association and you will be certified at the end of the class as a Friend and Family Provider. We offer the most current and up to date guidelines in a simple and easy format to understand. You will be working in small groups on both infant and child sized mannequins in order to learn life saving strategies. Empower yourself. Learn CPR.

Class size is limited to ensure proper technique mastered by all participants.

Next Class: CPR –  $50/couple or $35/person; TBD

BocaBFC Infant MassageInfant Massage

Experience this divine bonding opportunity between you and your newborn baby. Our licensed infant massage therapist will guide you through this one hour class of massage techniques used for soothing your baby. Essential oils are used in order to enhance the massage experience.

Next Class: Infant Massage – $30.00/class; TBD

Return to Work and Breastfeeding

There are many things to consider when you are returning to work after the birth of your baby. We would like to help you continue to make breastfeeding work for you and your baby. Join our board certified Lactation Consultant for an informative class on pumping while you are at work. You will learn pumping techniques, safe milk storage and handling, trouble shooting and more.

Next Class: Return to Work and Breastfeeding – $30.00/class; TBD

Triple P Seminar

If you want to encourage behavior you like, help your child succeed in school, teach your children to express their feelings in an appropriate way, this is the seminar for you! The second of 3 – Raising Confident and Competent Children.

Next Class: Triple P Seminar; TBD

NOTE: Class sizes are limited so sign up today!

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